By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man – @tvanswerman

TV Answer Man, I liked the article on Dolby Atmos sound and I am curious about whether there are many shows available in Dolby Atmos? For example, does Netflix have Dolby Atmos titles? Is there a list showing them? — Hans, Buffalo. 

Hans, you’re right. We published two articles on Saturday on Dolby Atmos, one explaining how it enhances the audio experience of watching a show or movie, and the other detailing how much it cost to install a Dolby Atmos system. As someone who has Dolby Atmos in his Home Theater, I can personally attest to how the sound technology adds immeasurable enjoyment to my viewing experience. Dolby Atmos makes it sound like you are in the middle of the action unlike any other audio system before.

Now to your question: Does Netflix carry Dolby Atmos titles?

Answer: Yes!

In fact, Netflix has scores, if not hundreds, of titles with Dolby Atmos. I can’t say specifically how many because it’s a bit difficult to search for the DA titles in Netflix’s catalog. When you search for a keyword, such as Atmos or Dolby Atmos, you only get a partial list.

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But here are some Dolby Atmos titles currently at Netflix:

The Irishman
Squid Game
Stranger Things
The Gray Man

Outer Banks
Shadow and Bone
Luther, The Fallen Sun
The Lincoln Lawyer (series)
The Watcher

The Pale Blue Eye
The Adam Project
All Quiet on the Western Front
Glass Onion: Knives Out
Don’t Look Up

Enola Holmes
Enola Homes 2
The Guilty
The Good Nurse

There are so many Dolby Atmos titles that the Netflix documentary, Harry and Meghan, even has it. I guess you can hear the estranged royals sound like they’re slinging a few Buckingham barbs over your head!

Bottom line: If you get a Dolby Atmos system, and subscribe to Netflix, you won’t be disappointed.

Hans, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann