DIRECTV, DIRECTV Stream and U-verse last night lost the conservative news channel, Newsmax, in a carriage row and the reaction from Newsmax viewers and non-viewers is fast and furious. Twitter is already heavily populated with comments from both sides of the issue. For example, here are some tweets from Newsmax supporters who say DIRECTV is showing a liberal bias:

“1st O.A.N.N, Now Newsmax. I’ve had enough. All patriots, we need to cancel @ATT  and @DIRECTV,” tweets @windyhillguy.

“I’ll be letting them go today as well.. if I can watch newsmax app for free as direct tv suggested.. why do I need direct TV..oh yeah..I don’t,” adds ‘hereforthelaughs.’

“Biased corporate decision!!!!,” writes Dan Shiner.

“@DIRECTV you can cancel OAN & Newsmax but we will still not watch @CNN @MSNBC @CBS @ABC  narrative of destroying #USA #AmericaFirst start the layoffs how many people will cancel their accounts,” tweets Joe Hart.

But some Twitter users are defending DIRECTV today, saying the company has a right to carry whatever it wants:

“A business made a business decision. Happens every day. It’s not illegal. If you disagree with it, find another TV provider. That too happens every day,” tweets ‘Swinny.’

“Newsmax wants DirecTV to pay to carry them. The problem is, their primetime audience averages 125k. “Additionally, the same programming offered by Newsmax today is already available at no charge to 100% of U.S. households including our customers,” writes ‘Ladysnark.’

“Communism would be if the GOVERNMENT forced DirecTV to keep broadcasting Newsmax outside of their consent, or if the removal came from the government demanding it. Neither of those things are happening here,” writes ‘Cosmic Rewind.’

The TV Answer Man will continue to monitor this dispute and report back here if anything significant changes.

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— Phillip Swann