TV Answer Man, we are sick and tired of not being able to watch our Fox station. Is there anything new in this stupid fight? I come to your web site every day looking for news about it and I see nothing! Can you please update us?! — Cynthia, Little Rock. 

Cynthia, DIRECTV on October 21 lost 25 local TV stations due to a carriage dispute with their owner, Mission Broadcasting. That means we have now entered day 20 of this fee fight — and there’s still no indication of a settlement. (The blackout also affects U-verse and DIRECTV Stream.)

I haven’t updated this story for several days because there simply isn’t anything new to report. My last article on the dispute was a prediction that it will end by the end of this week. I’ll stick with that largely because there’s ample incentive for both sides to find common ground. But there have been no public statements since my forecast to indicate that the sides are close.

The Mission station web sites continue to post alerts at their web sites saying that DIRECTV subscribers can’t watch them while the satcaster has a similar notice at its DIRECTV Promise web site.

Meanwhile, DIRECTV subscribers in the 12 Fox markets owned by Mission missed out on the entire World Series while those subs and others have lost three weekends of college and NFL football games.

I understand the frustration of DIRECTV subscribers so I will try to provide more frequent reports on this blackout, even if it’s just to say there isn’t anything new to report. This will at least give you a reliable and timely source on the dispute’s status.

Cynthia, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann