Q. I’m thinking of signing up for the MLB.TV package of games on streaming. Do you know if the games will be available in 4K? Also, will the Apple doubleheader games be in 4K? I would think they would because Apple is a top quality company, right? Last, what is the price of MLB TV? — David, Trenton, New Jersey.

David, as of this morning, MLB has yet to begin taking orders for the 2022 season of MLB.TV, the league’s online package of out-of-market games. That’s not surprising considering the MLB lockout didn’t end until last night. But when they do start taking orders, the price will likely be around $130-$140., The league charged $129.99 for the 2021 season, and it usually doesn’t raise the price from one year to another by more than $10.

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For that price, a subscriber can watch (nearly) every 2022 out-of-market game on 400 supported devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, computers, smart phones and tablets, among others. The package will also entitle you to watch spring training games without blackouts, and full-game archives of every 2021 regular season game via on demand.

However, it will not allow you to watch the games in 4K. MLB.TV has yet to introduce that feature. The games are available in high-def, but not 4K.

If you want to watch baseball in 4K this season, the Fox Sports app will likely offer some games in the format although the network has yet to make an official announcement. ESPN, which also has MLB game rights, has yet to do a single game in 4K although that could change this year. (Let’s be hopeful.)

There’s also the possibility that some regional channels will do some 4K broadcasts, but nothing has been confirmed as of today.

As for Apple…

The tech giant announced this week that Apple TV+ has secured the exclusive rights to stream two Friday night games every week during the regular season, starting this season. The games will not be available on any regional sports channel or MLB TV. They will be Apple exclusives.

However, the Apple press release makes no mention of the games being available in 4K. That’s not a good sign, but I asked Apple’s PR team this week to confirm whether the games will be in 4K or not. As of this morning, there has been no response despite repeated inquiries.

That is also not a good sign.

But I will keep pestering Apple for a definitive statement. If I get more information, I will update this article here.

Update, April 7: Apple has still not responded to our many inquiries, but a April 7 MLB press release from the company makes no mention of the games being in 4K.

I think we have our answer.

Until then, happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann