Q. I subscribed to the MLB.TV package last year and I was enjoyed it but I don’t know what to do this year with the lockout and all. They haven’t started taking subs yet but should I do it if they do? I’m confused here. — Andie, Bowie, Maryland.

Update: MLB Bows to Pressure; Will Not Auto-Renew MLB TV

Andie, MLB.TV, which streams around 100 out-of-market MLB games every week during the regular season, is a terrific package. Although the plan doesn’t deliver the games of your in-market teams, it does provide both the home and road broadcast of every other team as well as other convenient features such as archives of past games. You can also stream the games on roughly 400 different devices, including your TV if it’s connected to the Internet.

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But the ongoing labor struggle between the players and the owners has many fans confused about when the season might begin, and if it will begin at all. News reports suggests there’s still a significant gap between the two sides.

However, there is one thing you shouldn’t be confused about. You should cancel your 2021 MLB.TV subscription before Tuesday if you haven’t already.

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Yes, cancel.

Why do I say that?

MLB.TV’s 2021 season plan included an auto-renewal feature, which means you will automatically be renewed for the 2022 season this Tuesday, March 1, 2022, at the 2021 regular season price of $129.99.

That’s just two days from now. If you don’t cancel by then, you’re on the hook for the 2022 season even know we don’t know if there will be one! So whether you decide to renew or not, your decision will be made for you on Tuesday. There are no cancellations after that point.

Now if the season is lost completely, or a large number of games are canceled, chances are MLB will refund a portion of your season’s sub. But we don’t know that for sure. It’s wiser to just cancel now and renew later at your leisure.

If you cancel today or tomorrow, you can always sign up again before the 2022 season, if there is one.

And don’t worry too much about losing your 2021 rate if you cancel now. The increase for 2021 was just $8 over the 2020 full season rate. You’re not gaining much by allowing the auto-renewal to occur.

If what I just said sounds reasonable to you, here’s a link on how you can opt-out of auto-renewal.

Andie, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann