Dish tonight has signed a short-term extension with broadcaster Morgan Murphy Media that will allow the satcaster to continue airing a dozen local channels in seven markets while the two companies seek a long-term agreement.

The stations tonight posted a viewer alert advising Dish subscribers that they can still receive their signals while negotiations continue. The current pact was set to expire at 6 p.m. ET tonight.

“Attention DISH network customers, you will continue to receive KAPP-KVEW TV as both parties continue to negotiate on a long-term agreement. We will work hard to find a fair deal. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, our viewers,” states a notice at the KAPP-KVEW web site.

The seven markets affected by the dispute are Joplin, Missouri, Spokane, Washington, Yakima, Washington, Kennewick, Washington, Victoria, Texas, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and Madison, Wisconsin.

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Dish has yet to issue a statement in response to the Morgan Murphy Media posting. But the satcaster is a bit busy trying to settle a separate and considerably larger carriage battle with Tegna that has left it without 64 local channels since Wednesday night.

The Tegna stations are in such large markets as Washington, D.C., San Diego, Denver, Phoenix, Tampa, New Orleans, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, St. Louis as well as mid-size areas such as Austin, Texas, San Angelo, Texas, Macon, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida, among others. To see a complete list of the Tegna stations, click here. 

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— Phillip Swann