Q.  I love watching the Amazon Prime videos on my Kindle Fire tablet. But sometimes they won’t play, even with my Internet connection, which is very strong. Why does this happen sometimes? — Elizabeth, Newark, New Jersey.

Elizabeth, Amazon’s Help page says that most Prime streaming issues are related to a poor Internet connection. But it sounds like that’s not your problem so let’s dig deeper.

One, re-set your Kindle by pressing and holding the Power button for 20 seconds. Your Kindle will shut down. Then after 20 seconds, release the Power button. Then, press the Power button and your Kindle Fire will re-start. According to some Kindle owners on Amazon message boards, this simple re-set trick will often fix your issue.

But if it doesn’t work, there are a few more options.

First, let’s check your device’s software; it’s possible it’s not up-to-date, which can cause streaming issues. To check the software, swipe down from the top of the screen and click More or Settings. Then, tap Device Options and System Updates. If there’s an available update, tap on it.

If the update (if there was one) didn’t solve your problem, there’s one more thing you can do: Clear data.

You do this by again swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping More or Settings. Then, tap Applications, then Installed Applications or Manage All Applications. After that, select All Applications from the drop-down menu and then tap on Video. After that, tap Force Stop and then, finally, Clear Data.

Your Kindle Fire may be trying to play multiple videos at the same time so clearing all data in the video application will eliminate any logjams preventing you from streaming.

However, don’t forget to restart your device after clearing the data before you resume trying to watch your video.

Elizabeth, I hope this solves your problem. But if the above solutions don’t help, contact Amazon. There might be a problem with your Kindle and you may need a replacement.

Happy Viewing!

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— Phillip Swann

Photo Credit: Free photo from Pexels.com.