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TV Answer Man, I have a 4K TV and I’m thinking of dropping DIRECTV to cut the cord to save expenses. So I am thinking of Fubo and YouTube TV as possible replacements, but I want to know if either of them have ESPN in 4K? I can get ESPN in 4K on DIRECTV. — Claude, Nashville.

Claude, you’re right. DIRECTV offers select ESPN college football and basketball games in 4K. But I agree that a DIRECTV subscription can get expensive, certainly pricier than some live streaming services although the gap has narrowed in the last few years as the latter has raised monthly fees to offset the rising cost of program acquisition.

So if you drop DIRECTV, will you be able to continue watching ESPN in 4K, you ask? The answer is yes if you get YouTube TV. The Google-owned multi-channel, live streaming service does offer ESPN’s 4K sporting events in the format.

Although FuboTV carries ESPN in HD, it does not have the rights to offer its 4K programming. By the way, DIRECTV Stream also offers ESPN sporting events in 4K, but Sling TV and Hulu Live do not.

Claude, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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