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Max, the subscription streaming service formerly known as HBO Max, is cutting 70 percent off its $9.99 ads-included plan for the first six months. The plan, which does not include 4K programming but does include short commercials, is now $2.99 a month for each month of the six months. However, the discount will end at the end of today, November 27. Click here to learn more.

The regular Max rate will apply when the promotional period is over so you will need to cancel prior to the end of the six months to avoid the regular charge. The 70 percent discount is available to new and returning Max customers via and through the following participating subscription providers: Roku, Google Play, and Apple and new Max customers via Amazon Fire.

The $15.99 a month ads-free plan, which includes 1080p HD programming, has not been reduced nor has the $19.99 a month package which includes 4K titles and Dolby Atmos. The annual plans are also the same.

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