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Reader Question

TV Answer Man, I got an e-mail saying that the Showtime app is ending next month. If I get Showtime from my cable service, will there be any way to keep streaming it? — Marcel, New Haven, Connecticut.

Is the Showtime Anytime App Ending?

Marcel, you’re right. Showtime is now issuing e-mails alerting subscribers that the Showtime Anytime app will end on December 14, 2023. This has been planned for months. Paramount, which owns Showtime, has added the premium channel’s programming to the Paramount+ $11.99 a month plan and it wants you to stream Showtime with that subscription.

Can You Still Stream Showtime?

However, what if you subscribe to Showtime through a cable, satellite or live streaming service? Will there be any way to keep streaming Showtime as part of your pay TV subscription? Answer: Maybe. Showtime says some TV providers will continue to offer the channel on their streaming apps. For instance, DIRECTV and Comcast both have apps that allow subscribers to watch their subscription lineups online if they prefer. Showtime has not said which providers will offer Showtime on their provider apps; it urges subscribers to check directly with the providers. It’s also possible they will offer access to Paramount + as part of the Showtime sub.

“Your subscription via your TV provider will remain active,” the Showtime viewer e-mail states. “Contact to learn other ways to watch Showtime.”

What About the Showtime Channel? Is It Ending?

The Showtime pay TV channel will also continue without interruption after December 14.

Marcel, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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