By Phillip Swann
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YouTube yesterday turned a deaf ear to calls from fans and journalists for refunds because of Sunday’s widespread technical glitches during the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Ticket subscribers on Sunday were often unable to watch games without buffering or getting a black screen. The problem began shortly after kickoff for the 1 p.m. ET games and continued for most of the day. YouTube’s X customer support team acknowledged the issue during the games on Sunday and added that it would post a follow-up when there was a resolution. However, YouTube never posted a follow-up on Sunday or Monday. The streamer did tell some customers in responses that there are no refunds for the NFL Sunday Ticket, although the refund remark did not specifically address Sunday’s technical difficulties.

The lack of a refund contrasts with how DIRECTV handled streaming issues for the Ticket during the few weeks of the 2022 season. The TV provider, which had the Ticket exclusively for the plan’s first 28 seasons, issued credits, although it did not reveal the exact amount. (The technical issues did not affect DIRECTV’s satellite customers.)

“We recognize we didn’t meet expectations on Sunday for customers looking to stream some of the games, and we want to apologize. While it won’t bring the games back, we plan to reach out to those affected to automatically reimburse them for week two,” the satcaster said in September 2022. 

YouTube’s silence yesterday on Sunday’s issues did not sit well with some fans.

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— Phillip Swann