By Phillip Swann

TV Answer Man, any chance we can get another free preview of the NFL RedZone channel in the next few weeks? It’s a cool channel but free is free, you know. — Rich, Corsicana, Texas.

Rich, the NFL RedZone channel, hosted by Scott Hanson, provides live look-ins at pivotal moments during NFL Sunday afternoon games. (You can learn more about the RedZone channel here in our article.) The channel, which was available as a free preview on some services on September 24, has become must-viewing for both casual and rabid fans with many saying it’s even better than the NFL Sunday Ticket. It’s certainly cheaper — the RedZone channel usually is included in sports add-on plans on TV providers for less than $15 a month while the Sunday Ticket’s minimum price now is $349. But what if you could watch the RedZone for free? Well, you can this Sunday if you have the right TV provider.

DIRECTV, DIRECTV Stream, Dish, Sling TV, Hulu Live, Verizon and Cox this Sunday (November 5) will provide a free preview of the NFL RedZone channel. (Several smaller TV providers will as well so check your on-screen guides to see if your provider will.)

YouTube TV, which includes the RedZone in a Sunday Ticket bundle, or a Sports add-on package, will not offer the channel for free this Sunday.

Rich, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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