By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man – @tvanswerman

TV Answer Man, I ordered the Sports Pack on DIRECTV specifically to get the NFL RedZone and I haven’t been able to watch it for two straight weeks. The channel is not on the app. Do you know what the problem is? This is so frustrating! — David, town withheld.
David, for two straight Sundays, numerous DIRECTV subscribers have posted complaints on social media that they could not access the NFL RedZone channel although they had paid for it through the $14.99 a month Sports Pack add-on package. The problem has not affected all DIRECTV subscribers who have the RedZone, or perhaps even a majority, but social media forums such as X were overflowing with complaints yesterday. Here’s a sampling of the comments on X (formerly Twitter) from Sunday:

“RedZone channel once again not working. I’m out.”– ‘CD.’
“My redzone ain’t working either. Directv told me to pound sand last weekend before the games started,” — ‘Skinny.’
“I can’t stream the red zones in the direct tv app. I got transfer to 4 different people no one has help.” — ‘Carlos Cardova.’
“Why can I not watch the Red Zone from the nfl app on my phone. Or the the DIRECTV APP?” — ‘Rohin Blanchette.’
Has anyone dropped @DIRECTV? I just (pay) my monthly bill. It ain’t funny. I’m paying way to much. I only checked because I didn’t have redzone this week. I’ve been getting fleeced. :(” — ‘NFL Nascar Analyst.’
“Not able to get NFL RedZone on my Directv app. It was there last week (211) but not there now. What happened?” — ‘Chris Brinka.’

Most subscribers say the NFL RedZone channel is not available on the DIRECTV Stream app or the app for DIRECTV satellite subscribers. But some say they can’t find it in their satellite set-top lineups, either. The problem is particularly embarrassing because DIRECTV added the RedZone earlier this year to help appease football fans who might consider defecting after the company lost the NFL Sunday Ticket contract to Google. But on the first two Sundays of the 2023 season, the RedZone has become a minus for many, not a plus.

DIRECTV’s customer service team on X yesterday, and this morning, said it was investigating the issue. “At this moment, there is an Outage affecting RedZone on our app. Our team is working hard to restore the service, so you can enjoy your favorite programming. DIRECTV appreciates your understanding,” @DIRECTVHelp told one angry customer.

The TV Answer Man asked DIRECTV’s communications department last week for an explanation, but the company would only say affected subscribers should contact customer service. There was no reason given for the problem.

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— Phillip Swann