By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man –@tvanswerman

Fox has announced at its web site that it’s ending the Fox Now app which allows pay TV subscribers to stream the network’s programming with a user name and password without paying an extra fee.

The Fox Now app is still up as of morning, but the announcement says it’s no longer available which suggests it will likely be shuttered soon. The network urges viewers to use alternative sources for Fox programming such as Hulu and Tubi.

“FOX NOW is no longer available; please enjoy these other great apps from FOX.  Whether it’s sports, news, local updates, or entertainment content, we want to create deeper engagement and ensure viewers can seamlessly explore and enjoy their favorite content within our ecosystem of brand-specific apps such as FOX Sports, FOX News, FOX Local, and Tubi,” the announcement states.

Fox will continue its Fox Sports app which provides on-demand sports shows and events as well as live feeds from Fox Sports including FS1, FS2 and network affiliate broadcasts. The network will also continue to offer sports broadcasts and non-sports primetime programming on the web site.

The elimination of Fox Now – and the network’s push to use the subscription-based Hulu instead — is another sign that the TV industry is making it more difficult to watch programming for free. With cable and satellite services in decline due to cord-cutting, the networks are scrambling to find new ways to generate revenue. Fox receives a licensing fee from Hulu to carry its shows.

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— Phillip Swann