TV Answer Man, my boys want to know if the Super Bowl will be free on streaming this year. I think last year they had a pay thing, right? And even more important, TV Answer Man, will you be able to watch the Super Bowl in 4K for free? Let me know. The party planning has begun!! — Tom, Joplin, Missouri.

Tom, Fox will broadcast Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles for free via a TV antenna. But you want to know about the Fox stream, right? Will the two Fox apps, Fox Now and Fox Sports, offer the high-def stream and the 4K stream of the big game for free?

Answer: Yes and yes, according to a Fox spokesperson.

As Fox did in 2020 when it last had the Super Bowl broadcast rights, the network will provide both the HD and 4K feeds for free. That means you will not have to input a pay TV user name or password to watch either one on the apps.

(NBC, which had the Super Bowl broadcast last year, required you to subscribe to Peacock’s $4.99 a month plan to stream the game.)

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Of course, you will need a 4K TV and a 4K device that’s compatible with the Fox apps. This is where the confusion usually escalates. Some Smart TVs have the Fox Sports app in their app stores, but they may not be compatible with the 4K broadcasts; you might be able to only watch games in HD using a Fox Sports app from your set’s app store.

To watch a Fox game in 4K on the apps, you will need one of the following devices connected to your 4K TV, according to Fox:

* Amazon Fire TV (Generation 3)
* Amazon Fire TV Edition 4K Models
* Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Models (Generation 3)
* Apple TV 4K (requires app v3.23.2 and tvOS 11 or above)
* Roku Premiere

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* Roku Premiere+
* Roku Streaming Stick+
* Roku Ultra
* Roku 4K/UHD TV models with Roku OS built-in

You might find that another device will work, but this is the list that Fox cites at its web site. So I can’t guarantee that any other device will be compatible.

Tom, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann