Comcast has announced that it’s launching a new feature called, ‘Free This Week,’ that will provide Xfinity and Flex subscribers with a slate of free programming every week during the year.

The free shows, which will come from both networks and streaming services, start this week with free access to several top wellness apps including The Great Courses, Gaia, One Day University, Gaiam TV, Sweat Factor and FitFusion by Jillian Michaels.

According to the Xfinity Stream app, free programming from Gaiam TV, which features fitness and Yoga programming, and FitFusion by Jillian Michaels. will extend until January 15. From January 16 through January 22, shows from HBO Max, Showtime and Starz will be available for free. From January 23 through January 29, Anime Network shows will be free and HBO Max will be free from January 30 through February 5.

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“At Xfinity, we strive to deliver the best entertainment experience to our customers and make it easy for them to access all the programming they subscribe to, and also discover new programming that might be of interest to them,” Sophia Ahmad, executive vice president of Comcast Cable, said in a statement.

To access the current week of free shows, and see the schedule in future weeks, subscribers can say ‘Free This Week’ into their voice remotes. The free programming will also be highlighted on Comcast’s On Demand menus on the Flex and X1 boxes as well as the Xfinity Stream app and the Xumo XClass TV.

The Free This Week feature will replace Comcast’s annual Watchathon in which subscribers were permitted to watch free programming from dozens of networks during one week in the year.

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— Phillip Swann