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Our ‘Top 5’ series continues with the top five channels or streaming services for providing live sporting events in 4K. And here they are:

1. Fox
The Murdoch-run network remains the champion of live sports in 4K with a diverse collection of events in the format, including college football and basketball, NASCAR, MLB playoffs and World Series, NFL playoff games and even the annual Westminster Dog Show. Even better, the 4K broadcasts are available on several pay TV providers including DIRECTV, Comcast, Dish, YouTube TV, Fubo, Optimum, Verizon and others.

2. Peacock
The NBCUniversal-owned streaming service is closing in on the first spot with a growing lineup of live sports in 4K including Big Ten college football and basketball. If Peacock ever does the NFL’s Sunday Night Football in 4K, we may have a new number one. (From this perspective, Peacock’s 4K picture is better than Fox’s 4K picture.) Peacock does get dinged somewhat, though, by not offering details about its 4K broadcasts such as which devices are compatible. But perhaps that will change when the streamer gets more confident about its 4K offerings. (Don’t forget Peacock just started providing 4K last summer with the 2023 Women’s World Cup.)

The sports network may not be doing native 4K anymore (what a pity) but its upscaled 4K broadcasts of college football games are still first rate. (And let’s not forget that Peacock and Fox are doing upscaled 4K, too.)

4. NBC Sports
NBC Sports offers Notre Dame football, Premier League Soccer games and select golf tournaments in 4K. Unfortunately, the 4K feeds are only available on a few pay TV services, including DIRECTV, DIRECTV and YouTube TV.

The New England-based regional sports network offers both Boston Bruins and Boston Red Sox home games in native 4K. While relatively few can see them due to regional restrictions, fans rave about the picture.

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