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DIRECTV Adds a New HD Channel

DIRECTV has added the outdoors channel, The Pursuit Channel, in High-Definition. The network, which is on channel 604 on DIRECTV, airs shows of interest to enthusiasts of competitive shooting, fishing and hunting. DIRECTV is only the second major TV provider to offer Pursuit in high-def. (Verizon is the other; the smaller cable TV service, Centurylink,

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Why Doesn’t DIRECTV Add More HD Channels?

Q. All I hear from DIRECTV is 4K, 4K, 4K, but what about HD? I, like most DIRECTV customers, have a High-Definition TV and we want more HD, not 4K! Why isn’t DIRECTV adding more channels in HD? — Neil, Orlando, Florida. Neil, to be fair to DIRECTV, the satcaster now offers around 200 HD

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