Fox yesterday broadcast an upscaled 4K production of the Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles.

During the pre-game shows, and during the game itself, hundreds of fans offered their assessment of the picture on Twitter. As usual with a 4K offering, there was a mixed reaction with some viewers saying the display wasn’t much better than HD. Others noted an occasional audio sync issue with the 4K feed.

But a large majority of fans raved about the 4K image, saying it provided clarity and vividness not found in high-def. (This reporter agreed with the majority. Watching the game in 4K Dolby Vision on Comcast, the picture offered sharp details and deep colors that HD simply can’t deliver. It might have been an upscaled 4K, but it was clearly superior than a regular high-def broadcast.)

Here are some of the highlights from their remarks:

“2023 Superbowl had Fantastic performance and very beautiful showcase. I’m really enjoying vibrant colors in 4K on my LG G1,” wrote @JakX62.

“Need NHL games in 4K UHD, it’s incredible how clear the picture is on this Super Bowl broadcast,” tweeted ‘Greg K.’

“1080p to
4K upscale looks solid on their streaming app — HDR looks great. But @Dolby #dolbyvision on @comcast #xfinity looks superb!” tweeted Caleb Denson, editor at large at Digital Trends.

“Watching Super Bowl pregame in 4K on Fox Sports app on a Samsung. Fantastic picture,” wrote Jeff Agrest, deputy sports editor at the Chicago Sun-Times.

“4k Super Bowl better be the new standard,” tweeted ‘Jonny.’

“I thought this Fox Super Bowl stream was supposed to be in 4K? It looks like one single dumb k and it’s all wonky like the Kars 4 Kids logo k,” countered ‘Smells Like Quarantine Spirit.’

“As a person that doesn’t consume much in 4K, the #SuperBowl looks amazing in 4K,” wrote ‘Mitchell Breuer.’

“First time super bowl in actual 4K is a game changer. why don’t other networks do this?” asked ‘Eric Youngdahl.’

What did you think of the 4K picture? Offer your opinions in the comments section below:

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— Phillip Swann