TV Answer Man, I have Comcast and I have a 4K TV with a 4K X1 set-top. Will I be able to watch the Super Bowl in Dolby Vision 4K like Comcast says or do I need special equipment? — Hal, Boston. 

Hal, Comcast’s Xfinity announced last week that it will provide this Sunday’s Super Bowl in Dolby Vision 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range). The cable operator says its 4K feed will be the only one with the Dolby Vision HDR feed, which can enhance the vividness and colors of the broadcast when viewed through a Dolby Vision-capable TV.

However, not every Xfinity customer who has a Dolby Vision-capable 4K TV, and an Xfinity 4K-enabled X1 set-top, will be able to see the game in Dolby Vision. Let me explain.

Xfinity has two X1 set-tops that are 4K-enabled: The XG1v4 and the Xi6 TV. While the XG1v4 will permit you to watch 4K programming from Fox, ESPN and other sources, it cannot display Dolby Vision 4K. When you tune in Sunday’s 4K feed of the game, you will get the regular 4K HDR signal that’s available on the Fox apps and other TV providers.

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But if you have the Xi6 set-top, you will get the 4K Dolby Vision feed, assuming you have a Dolby Vision-equipped TV.

If you’re not sure which set-top you have, go to your Menu and click on the About option in Settings.  The model type should be listed. If you’re still not sure, call Comcast.

It’s unclear how many Comcast 4K viewers have the XG1v4 box, but it’s likely to cause some confusion on Sunday as it did last year when the cable operator offered a Dolby Vision feed of the 2022 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament. But you’ve been forewarned here.

Hal, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann