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DIRECTV & U-verse: Where’s the Pac 12 Network?

Q. Is there anything new with the Pac 12 Network going on DIRECTV? Will it happen this season? I remember you wrote about some negotiations that are going on now. Right? — June, Manhattan Beach, California.  June, you are right.  I wrote last month that U-verse, which AT&T owns in addition to owning DIRECTV, could soon

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DIRECTV Now Adds 312,000 Subs In 1Q

DIRECTV lost a net of 188,000 subscribers in the first quarter while AT&T’s U-Verse gained a net of 1,000 in the time period, AT&T announced today. The telco also reported that its live streaming service, DIRECTV Now, added a net of 312,000 subscribers in the first quarter, bringing its total at first quarter’s end to

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AT&T Files Trademark For AT&T TV

AT&T has filed for a trademark for ‘AT&T TV’ with the U.S Patent & Trademark Office, a possible signal that the telco will eventually move away from its current TV brand names, DIRECTV and U-verse. In its trademark application, the telco says AT&T TV would be used for “Set-top boxes; computer hardware and software used

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What Happened to AT&T’s Uverse.com?

Q. I used to go to Uverse.com to stream shows and set my DVR at home from my office. But the site doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Do you know what happened to it? — Ed, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Ed, as you note, the web site for AT&T’s U-verse TV service permitted customers to stream live and

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AT&T Closes Uverse.com

AT&T has closed its Uverse.com site as the company seeks to convert its subscribers to DIRECTV, or DIRECTV Now. The telco has yet to terminate the U-verse TV service, and U-verse subscribers can still use an app to stream programming as well as watch it on their home TVs via set-tops. Shop Now at Amazon!

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