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Is This Holding Up a DIRECTV-Dish Merger?

Q. I would think that AT&T would have sold DIRECTV to Dish by now. Do you have any idea what’s holding up the deal? Is it Charlie Ergen being Charlie Ergen and asking for a low price? — Manny, Newark, New Jersey.  Manny, AT&T has said it’s not inclined to sell DIRECTV, but the company’s

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Dish, Sling TV Lose NFL Network In Fee Fight

Dish and Sling TV have lost the NFL Network and the RedZone Channel due to a carriage dispute with the NFL, which owns the channels. The channels were removed from both services around 9 p.m. ET last night and the league issued a statement saying Dish had rejected its carriage terms. (Dish owns Sling TV,

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Why AT&T Might Not Sell DIRECTV

News Analysis Last week’s Fox Business report that “bankers” are saying AT&T needs to sell DIRECTV because it’s an ‘underperforming asset’ certainly rings true. Since AT&T purchased DIRECTV in 2015 for $49 billion, the nation’s top satellite TV service has lost roughly five million subscribers. Making matters worse, the customer defections are dramatically increasing with

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Why Would Dish Want to Buy DIRECTV?

Q. I read your article today about AT&T selling DIRECTV to Dish. Why would Dish want DIRECTV now? Aren’t they losing subscribers, too? What’s the point of buying a satellite TV service in a pandemic, particularly when the business is dying. I don’t get it. And wouldn’t the federal government block the deal anyway? —

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Will AT&T Soon Sell DIRECTV?

Bankers say AT&T needs to sell DIRECTV due to the Coronavirus outbreak and accumulating company debt, according to a Fox Business report. The report does not name the bankers, nor say how many are offering this opinion. It also does not say if the bankers are communicating this position with AT&T, or if AT&T is 

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Coronavirus: Will You Get a Sports Channel Refund?

Q. I’ve been reading that there will be refunds for our sports channel fees because there’s no sports on now with the Coronavirus. What is the status of that? When will we get our refunds? — Mark, Evanston, Illinois.  Mark, the answer is probably never. Let me explain. National sports channels, such as ESPN and

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MLB Extra Innings: How to Get Your Money Back

Q. I bought a subscription to DIRECTV’s MLB Extra Innings package in early March and now it looks like the season will at least be delayed for a few months if not cancelled entirely. It doesn’t seem fair that they get to keep my money during this time. I could use it now. Is there

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Coronavirus: Are DIRECTV & Dish Still Doing Home Service?

Q. I saw your story yesterday about Comcast stopping their new installations for new customers. It’s very sad about their service guy dying from the Coronavirus. My question is whether DIRECTV and Dish are still doing home visits for both putting up a dish or fixing service if you already have one. — Tommy, Tulsa,

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Coronavirus: Is It Still Safe to Install DIRECTV Or Dish?

Q. I was thinking of getting DIRECTV or Dish to get more channels than I am now getting from YouTube TV. But I was wondering whether it’s safe for the guy to come out and install the dish because of the coronavirus. Is there a way I can get DIRECTV or Dish without someone coming

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Dish, Cox Sign Temporary Carriage Deal Due to Coronavirus

Dish and Cox Media announced today that they have signed a temporary carriage agreement for 18 Cox-owned local stations in 10 markets so Dish subscribers in those areas can watch Coronavirus news updates. (See station list below.) The satellite TV service has been without the Cox stations since mid-January when the old pact between the

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