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Should AT&T Sell DIRECTV?

Q. I read that someone is saying AT&T should sell DIRECTV. Do you think they should. As a DIRECTV subscriber, I would like to see it. — Berle, Nashville.  Berle, what you probably read is today’s news about a hedge fund group declaring that  AT&T needs to make wholesale changes, including selling off DIRECTV. Click

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AT&T & Nexstar Settle Fee Fight

AT&T and Nexstar today announced that they have reached a new multi-year programming agreement, ending a seven-week blackout of Nexstar-owned local stations in 97 markets on DIRECTV, U-verse and AT&T TV Now. The two companies were fighting over how much AT&T should pay to carry the Nexstar stations. Financial terms for the new carriage deal

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DIRECTV vs. Nexstar: Is There Anything New

Q. I’ve been without my CBS station in Albuquerque since July and I can’t understand why it’s still off. I know there’s some fight with DIRECTV and the owner, but are they close to ending it? Please help. — Alfred, Albuquerque. Update: The blackout is over. AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, has reached a new carriage

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DIRECTV vs. Northwest: Will It Ever End?

Q. I read about DIRECTV’s fight with Nexstar stations, but what about the fight with Northwest Broadcasting. I’ve been without my ABC station in Greenville for six months! But no one writes about that?! When will it end? Do you have any answers on that? — Billie, Greenville, Mississippi.  Billie, you are right. I have

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What Happened to DIRECTV Now?

Q. I’ve been looking for DIRECTV Now on the Internet this morning and I can’t find it. Do you know what happened to it? There’s just stuff about AT&T, which I hate! — Cheryl, Cincinnati.  Cheryl, don’t worry. The DIRECTV Now live streaming service still exists, but it has a new name: AT&T TV Now.

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DIRECTV vs. Nexstar: When Will It End?

Q. I have been without my CBS station here in Fresno for more than a month. I have DIRECTV. Is there any chance these two fools will make a deal soon. I miss my favorite newscasters on the local news. — Trudy, Fresno.  Trudy, as you note, on July 3, DIRECTV lost 120 Nexstar-owned local

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UPDATED: DIRECTV vs. CBS: When Will It End?

Q. I lost my CBS station on DIRECTV a few weeks ago and it has me worried quite a bit that I will miss the football games this year. Do you know when this fight between CBS and DIRECTV will end? — Charlie, Baltimore. Update: On August 8, AT&T and CBS reached a new deal,

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Can You Stream the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Q. Opening day is tomorrow. Is there any chance the Pittsburgh Pirates will be available for streaming for us cord-cutters? — Tom, Pittsburgh.  Tom, AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh, which has the rights to Pittsburgh Pirates games, is still not available on any of the live streaming services, such as Sling TV, DIRECTV Now, PlayStation Vue, YouTube

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AT&T & Viacom Reach New Carriage Deal

AT&T and Viacom announced early this morning that they have signed a new carriage agreement that presumably would keep the latter’s 23 basic cable channels on DIRECTV and U-verse. However, the companies did not offer details such as whether all Viacom channels will stay on the TV services, or whether the AT&T-owned live streaming service,

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