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5 TV Predictions For 2020

Q. You used to be the TV predictions guy. Don’t you have some predictions for the next year coming up? I would like to see what you think will happen with DIRECTV and some other companies. — Maryann, Cincinnati.  Maryann, I did run the TVPredictions.com industry web site for nearly twenty years before launching this

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Smart TV: How to Fix Your WiFi Connection

Q. I love watching Netflix and Hulu on my new Smart TV, but I’ve noticed that I sometimes lose my WiFi connection. I didn’t notice this when I used to watch Netflix on my Roku player. Is there a reason why my Smart TV would lose the WiFi connection? Can this be fixed? — Brenda,

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Why Apple TV+ Will Fail

Q. What do you think of the new Apple TV video service? Do you think it will do well? Should I subscribe? — Cindy, Fairfax, Virginia. Cindy,  that’s a great question. There are hundreds of companies trying to get a piece of the action in the increasingly competitive fight for the video audience. But I

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