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DIRECTV Subs: Where Are My Network Channels?

Q. I have DIRECTV and I used to get channels for Fox, NBC, ABC and all the networks from New York and Los Angeles, but now I just get Fox. Why is that? Didn’t you write an article saying AT&T got new agreements with everyone but ABC? — Jim, town withheld.  Jim, I will try

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Will Sling TV Carry The Oscars?

Q. I read that Sling TV has an awesome deal now on its streaming plan. I want to sign up, but will they have tonight’s Oscar telecast? That would be a great, and cheap, way to watch the show. — Corinne, Bakersfield, California.  Corinne, Sling TV now is running a fantastic promotion. You can get

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Networks Cancel 24 Shows In Annual Bloodbath

The networks have set off an explosion of pink slips over the last week, canceling 24 different prime time shows. May is the time when networks reshuffle their upcoming fall lineups so it’s not a surprise that so many shows would be sent packing now. Click Amazon: Today’s Deals of the Day. Click Amazon: Roku

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