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Will Porn Turn On Virtual Reality Sales?

Q. TV Answer Man, The Sun just published an article saying that porn could drive the sale of new Virtual Reality headsets. In fact, some adult industry types said the PlayStation VR will die without it. What do you think? Could this be the thing that makes VR big, so to speak. — Samuel, London, England. This isn’t the

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Why Virtual Reality Will Be a Bust

News Analysis Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says Virtual Reality is going to be “an important technology,” one that will have an impact on nearly every facet of our lives. Goldman Sachs predicts that the VR industry will generate $80 billion a year by 2025. And companies from Sony to Google to Apple are investing heavily in VR

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Will Porn Help Drive Virtual Reality Sales?

Q. TV Answer Man, The Atlantic Magazine just published an article saying that porn will drive the sales of new technology. Don’t you think it will drive sales of Virtual Reality headsets and apps? — Frank, Cleveland, Ohio. No. Atlantic Magazine isn’t the only publication that has suggested that pornography is the key to making

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