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What Is ‘Picture Mode’ On My TV?

Q. I want to make sure I have the best possible picture on my TV but I’m confused about the Picture Mode setting. My choices include Cinema, Vivid, Standard and there’s even one for Gaming and Sports! What’s the best setting for my TV, to get the best picture? — Joe, Boston Massachusetts. That’s a

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Update: Can You Record DIRECTV’s 4K Channel?

Q. I am excited to watch DIRECTV’s new 4K channel. But I’m curious about whether you will be able to record shows off it. Can you? And, if so, how many hours of recording can you store on the DVR? — Tom, Los Angeles. Tom, as you note, DIRECTV next month will launch pay TV’s first

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Does a Curved-Screen TV Offer a Better Picture?

Q. I was thinking of buying a curved TV. They look pretty cool. But I was wondering if they really deliver a better picture? What do you think? — Mickey, Dunkirk, Maryland. TV manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and LG are selling curved-screen TVs, which means the ends of the set have a slight bend

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Can You Use a Smart TV Without Cable TV?

Q.  I’m thinking of getting a Smart TV to watch Netflix and other streaming services, but I don’t subscribe to cable or satellite. Can I use a Smart TV without cable or satellite? — Eddie, Brooklyn, New York. Eddie, first, for those who are not familiar with Smart TVs, it’s the term used for a

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I Can’t Hear Anything From My TV’s Speakers! Help!

Q. I sometimes have trouble with the sound from my TV’s speakers. The volume is too low and hard to hear and sometimes I can’t hear it all. When I hook up the TV to my stereo system, no problem. Everything sounds great. Any idea why the TV speakers would be a problem? — David,

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March Madness: Don’t Buy a 4K TV Unless…

Q. I’m thinking of buying a 4K TV to watch all the March Madness games. Is this a good time to buy one? — Marcia, Cleveland. Every year, scores of millions watch the annual college basketball tournament, known as March Madness, and they like to view it on the best set possible. In addition, retailers

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