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I Just Bought a New TV – Should I Keep the Box?

Q. I just bought a great new TV online and I installed it myself with no trouble. It looks awesome! But a friend of mine said I should keep the box just in case. Why? He couldn’t explain it very well — Dan, Atlanta, Georgia. Dan, congratulations on your order — and your self-installation. There

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How Can I Fix the Color On My TV?

Q. The picture on my HDTV is off, particularly the color. The color always seems a bit faded. I’ve tried adjusting the color setting on the set but it doesn’t seem to help. The colors still don’t seem to look real. Any suggestions? — Dave, Hagerstown, Maryland. Dave, you were right to try adjusting your

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Should You Buy a TV That’s NOT a Name Brand?

Q. I often see TV manufacturers that I’ve never heard of selling sets for what seems like really low prices. I’m tempted to buy one, but I’m a little nervous about their quality. Is it safe to buy a TV that’s not a name brand? — George, Salem, Oregon. George, that’s a great question. Companies

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Does a Home Theater Projector Display a Sharp Picture?

Q. I have been thinking of building a Home Theater in my Man Cave, but I was wondering if I should get a projector with a big wall screen or just a big-screen TV.  I hear a projector doesn’t offer as good a picture as a regular TV because the picture is not as sharp.

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