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What’s Up With Comcast’s Stream TV?

Q. I was interested in getting the streaming service from Comcast that offers my local channels. But Comcast says it’s not available yet. What’s the deal? — Van, Miami. Comcast announced last July that it would introduce a new $15-a-month streaming service that would include all four broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) as well as

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Should You Report Cable TV Theft?

Q.  My next door neighbor is getting cable TV for free. He gave the installer some extra money and he hooked him up with all the premium channels for free. I think he’s getting all the channels for free, too. Question: Should I report him? Is it affecting my bill? — Mitch, Buffalo, New York.

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Comcast: Can I Still Watch the Yankees On MLB Extra Innings?

Q. I read the article about Comcast not carrying the Yes Network which has the New York Yankee games. If Comcast doesn’t carry it, can I still watch the Yankees on my MLB Extra Innings package? — John, Boston, Massachusetts.  John, first, you are right. Comcast and the YES Network are involved in a dispute

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How Can I Watch Baseball Without Blackouts?

Q. I live in the LA area and I’m sick and tired of not being able to watch my Dodgers at home on TV. Isn’t there any way to watch my guys without subscribing to Time Warner Cable? — Cal, Santa Monica, CA Cal, many fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees will

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WatchESPN: Do I Need a Comcast Video Sub?

Q. I’m a Comcast video subscriber and I’ve been enjoying watching all kinds of sports on WatchESPN. But I’ve been thinking about getting rid of my video service and going Net only. Could I still watch WatchESPN if I do? — Brian, Deale, Maryland. Brian, WatchESPN is a web site that simulcasts ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU,

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