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Picture Quality

Features that will help improve your TV’s picture.
Why Is Tom Cruise Talking About ‘Soap Opera Effect’
4K TV: How Far Away Should You Sit?
How Far Should You Sit From a HDTV?
Is Your LG TV’s Picture Too Dark?
How to Turn Off TV’s ‘Soap Opera Effect’
Should You Set Your TV to Vivid Or Cinema?
Why Your Blu-ray Discs Won’t Play
How to Fix the Color On Your TV
Home Theater Projectors: How Good Is the Picture?
Netflix: How Much Internet Speed Do You Need For 4K?
Does DIRECTV Have a Rain Problem?
Should You Mount Your TV Above a Fire Place?
Will Watching TV In a Dark Room Hurt Your Eyes?
Why Your TV Looked ‘Better’ In the Store?

The TV Projector Lamp: How Long Will It Last?
Why Does Your TV Show a Blue Screen?
Netflix: Why Your Audio & Video Is Out  of Sync?
March Madness: Should You Buy a 4K TV?
Netflix: How to End Buffering For Good?

Why You Need to Reset Your TV
How to Watch TV In a Bright Room?
Something Wrong With Your TV Picture?
What to Do If Your TV Picture Is Too Dark
Does Samsung’s Curved-Screen TVs Offer a Better Picture?

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