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What Can You Do If Your TV’s Picture Is Too Dark?

The picture on my Sony TV seems a little dark, particularly during movies. Is there anything I can do about it? — Bill, Amarillo, Texas. I touched on this in our TV Answer Man feature, ‘Why Did My TV Look Better In the Store?‘ I wrote that retailers sometimes  purposely tune the sets (all sets,

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What Are Roku’s Private Channels?

Q. I was thinking of buying a Roku player and a friend told me that they had more than 2,500 channels, including some cool channels that are called private channels. What are these private channels? Can anyone get them? — Carl, Reno, Nevada. Carl, Roku, which offers its Net TV service in several devices, including

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Why Am I Getting a Buffering Message On House of Cards?

Q. I like to watch videos from Netflix on the Internet, but today I started getting a ‘buffering’ message while watching the new season of House of Cards. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? — George, Kansas City, Missouri. There have been a few reports today of Netflix users getting ‘buffering’ messages on-screen

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Should I Buy a Smart TV or a Smart TV Player?

Q. I’ve been thinking about buying a Smart TV so I can watch Netflix streaming video, but a friend tells me that I should just get a Blu-ray player that has Netflix because it would be cheaper. What do you think? — Tommy, Miami, Florida. Your friend is right in this respect. If you have a

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How Long Does a TV Projector Lamp Last?

Q. I’ve been thinking of building my own Home Theater with a projector rather than a traditional TV. But I hear that projector lamps don’t last very long. Is that true? — Carl, Boston, Massachusetts. Carl, it depends on your definition of “very long.” But generally speaking, a LCD projector lamp should last between 2,000

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