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How Long Does a TV Projector Lamp Last?

Q. I’ve been thinking of building my own Home Theater with a projector rather than a traditional TV. But I hear that projector lamps don’t last very long. Is that true? — Carl, Boston, Massachusetts. Carl, it depends on your definition of “very long.” But generally speaking, a LCD projector lamp should last between 2,000

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Why Does My TV’s Picture Quality Keep Changing?

Q. I have DIRECTV and sometimes it seems like the picture on HBO and some of the other channels is better than at other times. Is this true or am I seeing things? I also notice that when I watch Netflix, the picture sometimes will go from really clear to kinda fuzzy. Can you help?

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Should I Buy an Extended Warranty For a TV?

Q. My friend just bought a 60-inch TV for around $1,200 and the store told him he should get the extended warranty for an extra $150. He did. Was that a good move? — Mickey, Prince Frederick, Maryland. Short answer: No! For years, electronics stores have boosted their profits by selling extended warranties to TV

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Are Roku’s Channels Free?

Q. I read that Roku, the Internet TV set-top, has more than 2,500 channels. But are they free? is there a monthly fee like TiVo has? — Katherine, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. For those not familiar with Roku, it’s a set-top box (or streaming stick) that can send video and audio channels over the Internet to

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