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We have a new feature at – the top 5 stories in TV technology for each day. But today we are test driving another top 5 – the top 5 stories in sports media. These are stories about the influence of television on sports and vice versa. And here are today’s top 5:

1. Monumental Sports Instructs Announcers Not to Praise Opponents
The new Monumental Sports Network, the regional TV home of the Washington Wizards, apparently is not fond of former Wizards standout, John Wall. When Wall returned to DC as a Los Angeles Clipper in 2022, team TV announcers were told not to celebrate his return, according to The Washington Post. The newspaper writes that the Wiz’s announcing team is also instructed not to praise team opponents. Awful Announcing. The Washington Post (Paywall).

2. Hardengate Continues: NBA Star Lashes Out at Viral Rant By Announcer
Brian Dameris of Bally Sports Southwest recently gave new Los Angeles Clippers star James Harden an on-air tongue lashing, saying he’s to blame for the team’s poor play. (The Clippers are 0-5 since acquiring Harden in a trade.) The video quickly became a viral sensation, leading to Bally Sports deleting it from its X page. Now Harden has chipped in with his reaction, saying Dameris ‘doesn’t really know him.’ Fox Sports.

3. Diamond Sports Could Drop Rangers, Guardians Before 2024 Season
Diamond Sports told a Texas bankruptcy judge yesterday that it plans to broadcast MLB games in 2024 but added that it might need to drop two teams before the season begins. The Athletic reports that the teams are the Texas Rangers and Cleveland Guardians. If Diamond Sports does exit those contracts, Major League Baseball would have to do the games, or the teams would have to find another TV partner before the season. The Athletic. (Paywall.)

4. Monday Night Football Sets Ratings Record For Week 10 Game
The NFL continues to dominate television, if not the entire universe. ESPN reveals that its ratings for Monday’s Buffalo Bills-Denver Broncos game exceeded any MNF week 10 game ever. The broadcast drew an average of 17.7 million viewers with a peak of 19.8 million. The Spun.

5. Mark Jackson Loses Knicks TV Job – And Chartered Plane Seat!
Mark Jackson is finished as an MSG Networks analyst after having an argument with a New York Knicks assistant coach, according to The New York Post. The former Knicks star apparently got the word after being banned from flying on the team’s chartered plane, the newspaper writes. The New York Post.

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