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Taylor Swift’s concert tour is the hit of the summer and now the 5’11” singer is on every sports show in America thanks to her attendance yesterday at the Kansas Chiefs-Chicago Bears game which included her new boy pal, KC tight end Travis Kelce. But perhaps some of her fans, new and old, may not be aware that the multi-talented Taylor has also appeared in several movies and TV shows over the last decade or so. Here’s a summary of some of her acting projects, and where you can stream them.

Valentine’s Day (2010)
Valentine’s Day is a lighthearted romantic comedy that captures the essence of the holiday with its star-studded ensemble cast and intertwining storylines. Directed by Garry Marshall, the film explores the ups and downs of love through various characters and their relationships. Taylor plays Felicia, a somewhat dimwitted high school student who’s hot for Taylor Lautner (his character, that is.)
Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video for $3.99.

The Lorax (2012)
The Lorax is a captivating and thought-provoking animated film that beautifully brings Dr. Seuss’ timeless environmental tale to life. Set in a vibrant and imaginative world, the movie skillfully tackles important themes of greed, consumerism, and the consequences of exploiting nature. Taylor does the voice of Audrey, the love interest of Ted, voiced by Zack Efron.
Now streaming on Peacock.
New Girl, season two, episode 25.
Taylor has a small part as the ex-girlfriend of Hannah Simone’s fiance who confesses her feelings for him just as the marriage vows begin.
Now streaming on Hulu.

The Giver (2014)
The Giver, the 2014 film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s acclaimed novel, presents a visually stunning dystopian world that explores themes of individuality, memory, and societal control. Jeff Bridges delivers a compelling performance as the Giver, the sole keeper of humanity’s past memories. Taylor plays Rosemary, the first child chosen to interact with Bridges’ character.
Now streaming for $3.99 on Apple TV+.
Cats (2019)
Cats, the 2019 film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic musical, is a polarizing spectacle, but the movie boasts impressive production values, with its intricate sets, dazzling costumes, and impressive choreography. However, the hybrid CGI-animated cat-human characters created mixed reactions, leading to an uncanny and unsettling viewing experience for some. Taylor plays Bombalurina, an orange-colored cat who’s in only two scenes.
Now streaming on Max.

Amsterdam (2022)
Amsterdam, which is set against the backdrop of the picturesque Dutch capital, is a tale of murder and intrigue. The critics didn’t love it, but the stellar performances by the cast, particularly Christian Bale and Margo Robbie, makes it worth a watch. Taylor plays Elizabeth Meekins, who hires Bale to investigate the death of her politician father.
Now streaming on Hulu.

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