By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

Whether it’s the writers/actors strike, poor ratings, or simple executive whim, it seems like more shows are being cancelled this fall than every before. And now it’s ABC’s turn as it brings down the ax on The Wonder Years reboot after two seasons. The show, which features an African American cast (including the great Don Cheadle) playing a family in 1960s Alabama during racial strife, wrapped its second season just a month ago. But the show did so-so with the Nielsen families and it was plagued by other issues such as producer/director Fred Savage being ousted from the set amid charges of inappropriate sexual behavior. Savage, of course, starred in the original The Wonder Years which played on ABC in the 1980s.

In related news, HBO last night cancelled Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, shortly after the season two finale aired. The HBO original drama series, which stars John C. Reilly as Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss, explores the personal and professional lives of the team from 1980 through 1984.

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