By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

Whether it’s the writers/actors strike, or other contributing causes, the show cancellations continue to roll in. Now Hulu has joined the fray by axing the period piece satire, The Great, after three seasons. The show, which was based on the rise of Catherine the Great, a reigning empress in Russia in the 18th Century, starred Elle Fanning in the title role and Nicholas Hoult as Emperor Peter III. The Great collected several Emmy nominations and other awards and it holds a 96 out of 100 score at Rotten Tomatoes. But several characters were killed off in season three, perhaps an indicator that it had run its course. Deadline reports that Hulu refused to comment on why the show was cancelled. You can now stream the three seasons of The Great at Hulu. The third season debuted in May 2023.

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