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TV Answer Man, Amazon just cancelled A League Of Their Own and I am very upset. I loved that show! Is there anything we can do when a show is cancelled to bring it back? I want A League Of Their Own back!! — Louise, Madison, Wisconsin.
Louise, TV networks and streaming services cancel shows all the time and the ongoing writers and actors strike could trigger more cancellations in the near future. It’s relatively rare for a TV company to reconsider its decision based on a fan protest, but it has happened over the years. So you have nothing to lose except your time and energy. And it’s for a good cause, right? Here are six things you can do to try to persuade a network or streaming service to change its decision on cancelling a show:

1. Petitions and Online Campaigns
The digital age has transformed how fans can organize and express their feelings. Online petitions, platforms like, and social media campaigns can serve as powerful tools for garnering support. Fans can start a petition to urge network executives or streaming platforms to reconsider the cancellation. Sharing these petitions on social media and encouraging fellow fans to sign and share can amplify the message and demonstrate the show’s enduring popularity.
2. Social Media Blitz
Social media platforms provide fans with an unparalleled opportunity to create a unified and resonating message. Hashtags related to the show’s cancellation can trend on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, drawing the attention of both fellow fans and those in the entertainment industry. Engaging content like fan art, memorable quotes, and favorite moments can be shared, reminding everyone of the impact the show has had.

3. Write Letters and Emails
While we live in a digital age, the personal touch of a handwritten letter or a thoughtful email can still make a lasting impact. Fans can write letters to the network, studio executives, or streaming platforms expressing their disappointment and sharing personal stories of how the show has affected them. Articulate and heartfelt letters can create a human connection that resonates more deeply than a simple online post.
4. Crowdfunding and Fan Support
Fans have the power to make a financial impact as well. Crowdfunding campaigns, like Kickstarter or GoFundMe, can potentially raise funds to support the show’s production or even attract the attention of potential investors. While this approach requires a significant financial commitment, it underscores the dedication of the fan base and can demonstrate a tangible willingness to contribute to the show’s survival.

5. Organize Fan Events and Fan Fiction
Organizing events like watch parties, fan conventions, or even flash mobs can showcase the enthusiasm and unity of the fan community. Creative expressions like fan fiction, fan art, and cosplay can help keep the show’s spirit alive and show decision-makers the depth of fan engagement.
6. Collaborate with Cast and Crew
The actors, writers, and crew members who worked on the show often feel the loss just as deeply as the fans do. Engaging with them on social media, attending their events, and encouraging them to lend their voice to the protest can help amplify the movement. They may have connections within the industry that could prove invaluable in the fight to save the show.

Louise, hope that helps and good luck!

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