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TV Answer Man, now that Diamond Sports has lost the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks, does that mean it’s tap city for the Arizona Coyotes? They are the last team on the Bally Sports Arizona channel so they will be dumped too, right? — Neal, town withheld.

Neal, Diamond Sports today officially rejected its broadcasting agreement with the Arizona Diamondbacks as part of its reorganization after declaring bankruptcy last March. The company, which owns the Bally Sports regional sports networks, recently opted out of the Phoenix Suns deal as well after the NBA team signed a new multi-year TV deal with Gray Television.

Will the Arizona Coyotes stay on Bally Sports?

With both the Suns and Diamondbacks now no longer airing on Bally Sports Arizona, I’ve received a few reader e-mails today inquiring what will happen to the Arizona Coyotes, the market’s NHL team whose games are also on the channel. Will Diamond Sports commit to keeping the channel around for the Coyotes?

We have two statements today suggesting it could happen.

First, from the Coyotes:

“We are fully aware of the developments regarding Bally Sports Arizona,” the team said in a release. “The Arizona Coyotes remain under contract with Bally Sports Arizona and remain hopeful that the network will continue to broadcast our games this season. Nonetheless, we will continue to evaluate all of our options, as needed, and will ensure that our great fans across the Valley are able to watch our games this fall. We will have no further comment until we have news to announce.”

Second, from Diamond Sports:

“We are continuing to broadcast games for all other teams under contract without disruption and we anticipate making all rights payments to the remainder of the MLB teams in our portfolio through the end of this season,” the company said in a statement released following a court order allowing it to exit the Diamondbacks deal.

Neither statement is a guarantee that the Coyotes will be on Bally Sports Arizona when the 2023-24 NHL season begins this fall. But it would appear that both sides are interested in maintaining the status quo. At least for now.

Neal, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann