By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man –@tvanswerman

DIRECTV on July 2 lost 159 Nexstar-owned network affiliates due to a disagreement over carriage fees. Nexstar owns local affiliates for all four major networks, but last night it was the DIRECTV viewers of the Fox stations who were screaming the loudest because they could not watch the 2023 MLB All-Star Game. (To see a list of the Nexstar stations, click here. The blackout also affects DIRECTV Stream and U-verse.)

Hundreds of DIRECTV subscribers took to social media forums to express their anger over having the game blacked out. While some noted that both companies may be at fault for the dispute, DIRECTV last night seemed to be the target of the angriest barbs which were often laced with profanities. (Nexstar lists 42 Fox affiliates, according to its web site.  The list includes Mission Broadcasting-owned and White Knight-owned Fox affiliates, which Nexstar manages. They also could not watch the game last night due to a separate fee fight with DIRECTV.

“F— you @DIRECTV  Trying to watch the @MLB  all-star game and they have this bull—-blaming FOXSports. It’s a local channel that should be on every f——–service,” tweeted ‘Mr. P Chill’ who was anything but chill over losing the game.

“DIRECTV this s— ain’t cool, I’m trying to watch the all-star game!!!” added ‘Charles T. Storm.’

“Why the f— do I pay for @DIRECTV ? Rates keep going up and up. I can’t even watch the @MLB all star game tonight. Anyone ever use fubo? It’s cheaper I just don’t know if it’s worth it. #bull====

“So furious with @DIRECTV . They aren’t showing the @MLB all star game. Can’t wait to cancel in October. #fail #byebyedirectv,” wrote @bigbroncosfan on Twitter.

“@DIRECTV are you kidding me that you can’t show the @MLBONFOX  All Star game tonight in Lexington, KY? What an absolute crock and unacceptable. I hope that whoever is responsible for this is at the table now working on it..! Unbelievable,” ‘Christopher Clarke’ wrote on Twitter.

“Terrible solutions for the MLB All Star game. I am sure “you” are working really hard. However, when I am paying a provider for a service, and said provider cannot deliver, then I take my money to someone who can,” chimed in ‘Dan Glover.’

Even a pastor seemed unwilling to forgive DIRECTV last night:

DIRECTV’s headaches will compound next week if an agreement with Nexstar isn’t approved by then. The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer tournament will begin play on Fox on July 20.

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— Phillip Swann