By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

HBO has joined the growing line of networks that have cancelled shows in recent weeks, according to a new report.

Outkick, the sports-themed web site run by Clay Travis, reports that Game Theory With Bomani Jones has been cancelled after two seasons. The Friday night show, hosted by the ESPN personality, discussed how race affected sports with guests including Stephen A. Smith, Dawn Staley and Tracy Morgan.

Game Theory debuted in March 2022 but has struggled in the ratings in both seasons one and two. Awful Announcing last year noted that Game Theory was seen by relatively few despite a positive critical response.

Rotten Tomatoes, which tracks critical and audience reviews, says Game Theory had a ho-hum rating from viewers with a score of just 63 out of 100. Judging from those viewer reviews, it would appear that people liked the show if they supported Jones’ liberal view on race and sports while those who did not also did not like the show. For instance:

“This show is fantastic! All the negative reviews here are the typical Bomani trolls who get annoyed with any type of progression in society or any conversations that may lead to a more progressive society. Bomani is still getting his sea legs under him and is a bit wooden at the desk but give him some time and I’m sure this show will be must see late night TV for years to come!” wrote Virginia R.

“This show is utterly pathetic. Boring social justice talking points from a guy who is pretty insignificant from a sports analysis perspective. People turned him off when he was at ESPN so why would people all of a sudden turn him on for HBO?” countered another viewer who did not provide a name.

HBO has yet to confirm the report that the show was cancelled.

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