By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

The show cancellations continue to pour in with Max being the latest network to bring down the ax.

The channel formerly known as HBO Max has cancelled the Max original comedy series, The Other Two, which stars Drew Tarver and Helene Yorke as an actor and dancer respectively who struggle with their young brother being famous due to a viral Internet video. Their frustration grows during the series as their mother becomes a TV host while they have trouble landing jobs.

The Other Two is now in its third season with the season finale (and now series finale) scheduled for tonight.

“It is bittersweet to say goodbye to the Dubek family after three seasons, but we always knew, both creatively and personally, that this was where we wanted to end their stories,” former Saturday Night Live writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, the show’s co-creators, said yesterday in a joint statement. “And because we are quite literally out of ways to humiliate Drew Tarver, so what’s the point?”

The Other Two was a critical darling, amassing a Rotten Tomatoes score of 97 percent over the three seasons. Season three has a perfect 100 score.

“The elder Dubek siblings may still feel like they’re also-rans, but The Other Two remains cream of the crop in a third season that turns foiled dreams into delightful comedy,” Rotten Tomatoes states, summarizing the reviews.

Max has not offered a reason for the cancellation, but the Hollywood Reporter writes that show staffers have charged that Kelly was verbally abusive to the writers and that Scheider enabled his behavior. The publication says the cancellation could be linked to those complaints.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that the production team investigated the charges and that Kelly and Schneider were “formally cleared of wrongdoing and allowed to return.” Kelly declined to comment while Schneider was unavailable to comment, according to the publication.

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