By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

Apple TV+ tomorrow (June 28) is scheduled to debut Hijack, a seven-episode thriller series starring Idris Elba as an elite negotiator who must use his skills to end a hijacking plot aboard a flight from Dubai to London.  The trailer, which you can see below, looks sensational, but is Hijack really any good? Rotten Tomatoes, which tracks critical reviews, currently gives the show a score of 93 out of 100, based on 15 reviews. Below is a sample of the reviews, and the show trailer. Enjoy. 

“Hijack is tension-filled and gripping, often putting the viewer on the edge of their seat.” – Observer.

“An instantly enthralling aeroplane-set thriller which deploys its real-time format to ratchet up the tension to the max, while providing Idris Elba with one of his most satisfying roles so far.” – Empire Magazine.

“Idris Elba’s series starts with a simmering premiere that showcases both immense promise and talent.” — CBR.

“The real star here is the tension that gradually builds from episode to episode, finding genuine human drama in a confined space. Sometimes when you’re making great TV, less space is more.” — TV Line.

“While little about it could be described as first-class, Hijack is at its limited best when it focuses on the claustrophobic cauldron of a panic-stricken cabin…” – Financial Times.

“Never truly takes flight. Still, led by its commanding leading man, it remains an intermittently watchable exercise in pulpy tension that at least has the good sense to keep things fast, taut and concise.” – The Daily Beast.

“If you have a Sunday afternoon sometime soon with utterly no plans and a good quality house fan, close the blinds, make some popcorn and settle in for the ride.” – London Evening Standard.

“As a locked-room mystery set 30,000 feet in the air, the series does a decent job of keeping you guessing.” – Slant Magazine.

To read more reviews of Hijack at Rotten Tomatoes, click here.

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