By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

NBC has cancelled the primetime game show, The Wheel, after one season, reports the industry web site, TV Line.

The show, a U.S. version of a UK game show, featured celebrity guests sitting on a giant wheel who are chosen by contestants to help answer questions on various subjects. Based on their answers, the contestants win prize money while the celebrities move around the wheel for some reason or another. And if you’re confused, so was the audience. The Wheel, which aired on various weeknights in December, averaged just two million viewers per episode although it did improve its ratings as the first (and now only) season progressed. (The last show aired last December.)

The celebrity guests included such B and C-listers as Clay Aiken, Tori Spelling, Ricki Lake, Cat Cora, Debbie Gibson, Christina Ricci, Andy Richter, Kate Flannery, Deepak Chopra (!), and Amber Ruffin.

This is the fourth primetime show that NBC has cancelled this month. American Auto, the workplace comedy that followed a quirky CEO and her employees at a Detroit-based automaker, got the ax last week. The show, which ran for two seasons, starred Ana Gasteyer (SNL) as the CEO who has never worked in an auto plant before.

Two weeks ago, NBC cancelled two primetime shows, Young Rock and Grand Crew.

Young Rock, which aired for three seasons (2021-2023), was a sitcom based on the early life of actor and wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The show featured The Rock in the future as he was running for president with flashbacks to his days as a youth through college where he played football for the University of Miami.

Grand Crew, also a sitcom, aired for two seasons and starred Echo Kellum as a hopeless romantic who thinks his entire life is a romantic comedy movie.

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