By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man –@tvanswerman

TV Answer Man, I watch everything on Fox that’s in 4K. NASCAR. Soccer. Even the USFL games. But where is baseball in 4K? Will Fox have any Major League Baseball games in 4K? — Tim, Newport Beach, California.

Tim, Fox is arguably the leading network for 4K programming. As you note, the network this year has offered everything from the Super Bowl to NASCAR races to USFL games in the format.

But what about Major League Baseball, you ask? Fox has the broadcast rights to national and regionalized MLB games so it would seem to make sense to provide the American Pastime in 4K, too.

I asked a Fox spokesman about this last March and here was the response:

“No regular season games currently scheduled in 4K, but there is a possibility we may do some this season,” he said.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed since then. The network has said it will again do the MLB All-Star Game in 4K on July 11 from Seattle, but there are no 4K regular season games on the schedule. As of now.

Fox has not provided an explanation for this, but it’s noteworthy that Fox last year only did one regular season game in 4K — the Field of Dreams game between the Cubs and Reds. But there is no Dreams contest this year due to construction on the field’s site in Iowa.

You can see the entire lineup of Fox’s 2023 MLB games here.

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— Phillip Swann