By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

Chris Hemsworth is back tomorrow (June 16) as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2, a sequel to Netflix’s 2020 original action film, Extraction. The Australian action star plays a black ops mercenary who must rescue the battered family of a ruthless Georgian gangster. The first Extraction was a thrill-a-minute ride albeit a bit bloody. Escapist Magazine says Extraction “accidentally as close as anyone has come to capturing a “Call of Duty” game on film (right down to the agreeably over-the-top, very VERY R-rated body-count and blood-spilling.”

But what about Extraction 2? Is it any good? Rotten Tomatoes, which tracks critical reviews, currently gives the film a score of 73 out of 100, based on 15 reviews. Below is a sampling of the reviews, and a movie trailer. Enjoy.

“Sometimes action movies can earn a good reputation based on the strength of one particularly well-executed scene and Extraction 2’s prison heist may be enough to keep the film on the right side of genre history.” – Collider.

“At its deadliest, it’s a feat of breathtaking cinematic showmanship on par with recent standouts “The Villainess,” “Carter” and “John Wick 4″—even if its tale is as threadbare as its carnage is copious.” – The Daily Beast.

“Contrary to what any dentist might tell you, you can’t have too many Extractions.” – San Francisco Chronicle.

“It seems unlikely any protagonist of a summer release other than J Robert Oppenheimer will be responsible for so many deaths.” – Irish Times.

“Slow-moving source material swiftly finds its fastball in a sequel that forcefully considers how memories erase and endure. To that end, forget the first film’s fizzle and fire up this more invasive, persuasive installment of action filmmaking.” Midwest Film Journal.

“If Extraction 2 isn’t necessarily smarter than its predecessor, maybe it’s somewhat less stupid. Its self-conscious action craft puts a little bit of brain behind all that performative brawn.” – Paste Magazine.

To read more reviews of Extraction 2 at Rotten Tomatoes, click here.

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