By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

As the networks look to tighten the budget belts, more ratings-challenged shows are in their crosshairs. And now it’s The CW’s turn to pull the trigger.

The CW has decided to cancel Gotham Knights after just one season, Variety and Deadline report. The news comes just two weeks before the show’s June 27 season one finale. It now will be the series finale.

Gotham Knights features the adopted son of Bruce Wayne/Batman who forms a team of children from Batman’s enemies to fight crime in the big city and learn the identity of Bruce’s killer. The show, which airs on Thursday nights, stars Oscar Morgan, Olivia Rose Keegan and Navia Robinson.

The Batman-themed show plummeted in the ratings as season one progressed and the critics weren’t kind, either, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 25. “Never send amateurs to do Batman’s job,” the site states, summarizing the critical reviews.

In other CW superhero news, the network has renewed Superman & Lois for a second season. Variety says the show will get 10 episodes for its fourth season.

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