By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

Netflix tomorrow (June 7) will debut a three-part original documentary on Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actor/bodybuilder/politician. Called Arnold, the show promises to pull back the curtains on a career that took Arnold from Austria to Hollywood’s heights with a few scandals and missteps after the climb. News reports say Arnold will address such notable moments as his failed marriage to Maria Shriver and his controversial tenure as the governor of California. Sounds intriguing, but is the documentary any good? The early reviews from Rotten Tomatoes are in and the show has a RT score of 60, based on five reviews. Here is a sampling of the reviews and a show trailer. Enjoy.

“Arnold has its glossiness, dealing with a subject who fully understands the power of self-promotion, but it also carries outstanding attention to Schwarzenegger’s sacrifices and ferocious ambition.” —

“While Arnold is an informative and enjoyable highlight reel, it exists only to present pitfalls as a pseudo blueprint to show a “can-do” attitude can move past them all.” — DraftKings Nation.

“Depth is sacrificed at the altar of access, with personal details and interviews with the man himself driving the documentary in a way that, while entertaining when looking through his movies, remains incomplete as a whole.” — Collider.

“A charming and entertaining look at the rise and life of one of the world’s biggest celebrities.” — SlashFilm.

“It can’t be easy to talk about, let alone admitting his culpability, but Schwarzenegger allows the series to be more than a hagiography.” — United Press International.

Sounds like if you like Arnold, you will like the documentary. To read more reviews of Arnold at Rotten Tomatoes, click here. To read reviews of Arnold’s new Netflix action/comedy series, Fubar, click here.

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