By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man –@tvanswerman

TV Answer Man, thank you for writing about the Tennis Channel on YouTube TV and how they are making us pay. Do you know of any other streaming services that has it without having to pay extra? — Molly, Corsicana, Texas.

Molly, that’s a good question. Many tennis fans who subscribe to YouTube TV are feeling peeved today after the live streaming service yesterday added the Tennis Channel but required you to get the $10.99 a month Sports Plus add-on package to watch it. That means you have to pay $72.99 a month for the base plan plus another $10.99 a month which brings your monthly bill to almost $84. (Although new subscribers get $8 off each of the first three months.)

If YouTube TV’s decision, which was a surprise to most subscribers (if not all), is sufficient for you to cancel, there are alternatives to continue watching a live streaming service, including the Tennis Channel in the base package.

Sling TV has the Tennis Channel in its Sports Extra plan, which is $11 a month in addition to the base plan which costs $40 a month. ($20 off in the first month.) You get fewer channels with Sling compared to You Tube TV, but if tennis and cost are most important, this is a good deal for you. Note: Sports Extra with the Tennis Channel included is available for either Sling’s Blue or Orange base plans.

DIRECTV Stream has the Tennis Channel in the Choice base plan and above. The Choice package is normally $99.99 a month, but the steamer is taking $10 off the first three months for new subscribers. While DIRECTV Stream does not require you to purchase an additional plan for the Tennis Channel, it should be noted that even at $89.99 a month, that’s still $6 a month more than YouTube TV’s base plan combined with the Sports Plus package.

Fubo has the Tennis Channel in its Fubo Elite plan and above, but Elite costs $84.99 a month. So, again, you’re not saving much here. (Fubo Elite includes the Fubo Extra add-on plan which normally costs $7.99 a month. Fubo Extra has 57 channels, including the Tennis Channel.)

Hulu Live does not carry the Tennis Channel in any base plan or add-on package.

Molly, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann