By Melanie Mayberry, programming editor

You’re on the go all the time, or so it seems. Running to get to work on time. (Or as close to time as possible.) Catching up with friends at the bar. Checking out the latest and greatest on social media on your phone.

So, do you really need a television? Seriously, how often are you even in your living room these days?

These are fair questions for many people in their 20s and perhaps even in their early 30s. The television seems like a silly purchase when you’re facing student loan debts and rent payments and simply don’t have time to watch it if you could?!

But I strongly believe that owning a TV is still a smart choice, particularly with many large-screen TVs now available for under $500. So allow me to offer a few compelling reasons why you should own a television if you’re a young millennial like me. At least, I think they’re compelling!

Rediscovering the Joys of Vegging Out
If you own a television, you can then subscribe to a pay TV service, such as cable or satellite.

Wait? What am I saying? Get cable or satellite? In 2023?

Well, not necessarily. There’s also YouTube TV, Fubo, DIRECTV Stream and all the live streamers. My point here is that a pay TV service of some kind will be a refreshing change to the constant digital distractions, including trying to choose from a million streamers such as Netflix, Peacock, Hulu, Max (or whatever it’s called these days) and so on and so on.

Watching a pay TV service with a lineup of channels has a certain Zen feel to it. You turn on the TV, pick a channel and tune out, allowing your mind to be sucked into the story or sporting event. You can’t get that by staring at your little phone screen. Six seconds won’t go by before you’re looking up or surfing around for something else to look at. It can make you crazy.

Unlike the endless scrolling and autoplay features of streaming services, a pay TV service encourages a more mindful approach to watching. By consciously selecting the programs we want to view, we become more engaged and focused on the content at hand. That big old TV provides a dedicated space for uninterrupted enjoyment, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in a show or film without the constant distractions that come with digital devices.

The Big Screen. It’s Better Because It’s Bigger!
While portable phones and tablets provide convenience, they often cannot replicate the immersive experience that a big-screen television offers. With advancements in display technology, owning a television allows us to enjoy stunning visuals and cinematic sound in the comfort of our own homes. Whether we’re hosting a movie night with friends or indulging in a gaming session, a television enhances the overall entertainment experience, creating an atmosphere that immerses us in the world unfolding on the screen.

While streaming platforms have revolutionized the way we consume content, there is something undeniably special about owning a television. As a young millennial, embracing the magic of television has allowed me to reconnect with shared experiences, engage in mindful viewing, and discover hidden treasures that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. By owning a television, we can also foster connections across generations, nurture a sense of community, and enhance our overall entertainment experience. So, why not consider adding a television to your living space and rediscover the joy it can bring to your life?

Disagree? Think I’m crazy? (And I’m sure some of you will.) Offer your comments in the section below. Thanks for reading.

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