By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man –@tvanswerman

TV Answer Man, how can YouTube TV expect anyone to get the Sunday Ticket when they can’t even do a NBA game without crapping on the bed?!! Is there anyway they can get the Ticket back on DIRECTV?!!! — Tony, Las Vegas.

Tony, your lament is not uncommon this morning. YouTube TV last night experienced a widespread technical snafu, preventing a large number of subscribers from watching shows such as the NBA playoff game between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat.

Many sports fans commented on social media that the glitch would make them think twice about getting the NFL Sunday Ticket from the Google-owned streaming service. YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels will both offer the Ticket this season after it was an exclusive on DIRECTV for 28 years.

“To @YouTubeTV  and anyone who thought about buying Sunday Ticket from it,” commented Gail Sideman last night after the glitch stopped her from watching the Celtics-Heat game.

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“Please make a statement about how you all have learned from this unfortunate experience and that it will not happen this fall with NFL Sunday Ticket. Since you’re putting deadlines on your offers, I expect you’ll get one out quickly or extend the deadline. Thanks,” tweeted ‘Matt Bopp.’

“I can forgive last night for the most part. But mainly this concerns me for Sunday Ticket when @NFL season starts on @YouTubeTV,” added @scopat.

The fact that a live streaming service had a technical malfunction during a live sporting event should not surprise anyone anymore. There have been so many over the years that it’s impossible to name them all. But there are arguably fewer than there were a few years ago, although that’s cold comfort to basketball fans this morning.

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It should also be noted that DIRECTV’s first week of the 2022 NFL Sunday Ticket was marred when its streaming plan experienced widespread technical glitches. (The Ticket’s satellite signal did not have issues.) Despite recent improvements in live streaming technology, this is still a major problem.

The odds are good that Google will suffer some issues during the 2023 NFL Sunday Ticket season as well. Fans should expect that now when deciding to order the package. But Google is certainly aware of the obstacles it faces and is working overtime to ensure the best experience possible.

It remains to be seen if many sports fans will now hesitate before ordering. I suspect they won’t unless there’s another sports snafu in the coming weeks. For rabid football fans, the Ticket is still a must-have, even if technical problems occasionally arise.

Tony, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann